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  • Regular angler looking to try carp fishing?
  • Veteran carp angler?
  • Match angler looking to increase your catch rates?

By combining experience from both the match and carp angling scenes we can help enhance your fishing ability by covering aspects such as rig mechanics, accurate casting and baiting, fish welfare and surface fishing.

We can even give advice on photographing your prize catch!

Greys Platinum rods & Shimano Big Pit reels are available for use during the session.

Course Overview

Your course might include the following:


  • Waterside safety
  • Fish location
  • Swim selection
  • Baiting strategies and bait selection
  • Feature finding and location
  • Casting accurately
  • Using a marker rod
  • Spodding to a marker

Tackle selection and suitability

  • Rod/reel selection
  • Line choice
  • Rig selection
  • Rigs and rig mechanics
  • Safe and unsafe rigs
  • Setting up tackle for chosen swim and conditions
  • PVA uses and strategies
  • How to set up for night fishing
  • Night fishing strategies

Fish welfare

  • Handling fish
  • Photographing the prize catch
  • Fish care
  • Un-hooking mats
  • Landing nets
  • Keepnets and carp sacks
  • Weighing fish

Availability & pricing

Courses can be tailored to your own needs. A session could last for a single day, a day & a night (24 hour) or longer, the choice is yours. For longer sessions we are often able to fish more than one water and cover many more skills such as rig mechanics or accurate distance casting one day and surface fishing the next, for example. Week days and weekends are available.

All tackle and bait will be supplied for you to use although you can use your own tackle if you wish.

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